Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Free Energy: Part 4

Let's look at continous water flow free energy appratus. The claimed free energy apparatus contains a bowl or a beaker , the bottom of the bowl has a hole which connects with a pipe. The pipe curls back to the top of the bowl or beaker.
Now when the container or bowl/Beaker is filled with water the water drains down from the hole at the bottom. As a pipe is connected with the bottom the water will flow through the pipe and travel all the way out of the pipe. The end of the pipe is above the container so the water flows back to the container. Now, supposedly we might have a continous flow of water from the pipe without using any energy.


Free Energy: Part 3

Before discussing about the ideas, I would like to discuss about how are those ideas based. What things are there which form the basis for those ideas of free energy, what's there already which is utilized in those ideas. Well there are a few things we have , those are natural properties of things we already have and yes these things exist and so do the ideas of free energy.
Let me enumerate some of those things which form much of free energy ideas
1. Gravitational Pull of the earth
2. Force which water puts(Bouyont Force)
3. Natural Magnets

All these natural elements put force without having put any energy it seems so these forces are often used in those ideas of free energy

Free Energy: Part 2

So can this really be, will there be any free energy. The internet is full of free energy content, whether it is videos on youtube or there be article appearing in search engines. Many are classical free energy experiments which have never been proven or have not worked at all. And there are some which really kindles acute sense of intrigue in us, showing us maybe it is true. Some of the experiments we can perform in our homes and see for ourselves and some we can not perform.
Anyways I will discuss all the free energy ideas one by one and why they won't work for real if they dont work. In the end lies a few ideas which i will not say are successful or not right now.

Free Energy: Part 1

It is a very intriguing topic free energy. In this world we have a system which uses money, and with money we can do almost anything from buying things to going places and endless possibilities. Almost all the things money buys from us comes one way or the other by using energy.
Lets take for example a very simple one it is , a wooden chair. The wooden chair is made in a factory with workers and machinery working side by side. The machinery uses pure energy in the form of electricity to run, in the first place the machinery was made using another set of machinery by using this same energy. The workers working eat wear etc all the things are gotten from using energy.
The raw material of the chair wood also comes from some tree farm or forest, the tree was grown using energy and cut using machinery made by energy and uses again energy to do about its work.
So free energy ultimately means free money , free almost everything, so its a very interesting topic as there has not been anything free in this world previously.
Stay tuned for part 2

Monday, 27 November 2017

Domain Flipping 10: Decide the price and put buy now price

So you've finally got a good domain. Now you want to sell it as soon as possible. Ok there is a catch here you need to understand. The domain which is registered is gone through a 60 day period where it can not be transffered to anyone else and hence it can not be sold to anyone in the first place.
So whenever you guys buy a domain you'll require at least 2 months to sell that domain to a buyer. Except that there is no other catch if you have certain someone who would like to buy your domain.

The setting price is one of the decisive factor for your domain to be sold . Too high a price would repel all the potential buyers from you and too low a price would yield you lesser profits. So think would have to think reasonable here.

Secondly to sell your domain faster set a buy now price instead of asking for offers. People tend to prefer to buy domains quickly without negotiating so buy now creates this kind of situation which results in greater chances of selling


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Domain Flipping 9: If it was 1997 today

Let's have a look what long term oppertunities you would have if it was 1998 today. At that time there was plenty of huge long term oppertunities for you, but for that you needed to have an incredible vision and foresight.
You could have tried to register a few three letter if not two letter and tried to find single letter .com's. But i say at that time buying 3L.com would have been enough and 2L.com if any availabe at that time would have been more than enough. So if you would have bought 20 3L.coms with a total expenditure of 2000$ till now which if you would have invested in any good investment oppertunity would yield you at least 10 to 20 K $.
So what is a 3L.com worth today and how much minimum could you make for 20 3L.coms. We a 3L.com is atleast worth 15k $ and recently DNJournal published a sale of Refi.com for half a million dollars. So for 20 3L.coms least value would be 300k $. A 2L.com is worth much more as only 960 combinations exist plus its too short and would match initials of big companies so it is worth millions of dollars.
So why are we talking about getting millionares if we can somehow go back to 199x's because we should take some lessons from there and figure out some long term little investement.

So we can think about buying some premuim single letter other TLD domains and double letter other TLD domains. We can also buy single premuim word other TLD domains. Maybe one day these become of good value while the investment amount is not too big and not too liquid also. So i would say it to be a good bargain and good gamble.

Good luck!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Domain Flipping 8: Good ol' .Coms

The .Com is the greatest ever invested upon extension with billions of Dollars invested on it over the period of more than 20 years since the inception of the internet. It is the most used and sold/bought extension and it is the most craved extension as well. The .Com values greately better than any other TLD in most cases. So to buy and invest in a .Com would be the wisest of choice. But one must find the .Com which would be required by an end user company or organization.

The .Com can be used the world over as neither there is any area restriction nor any other , it is widely known to all sundry and therefore easy to remember as well as short.

So which names to find in .Com ?
Well, first of all it is difficult to find what you want in a .Com but not impossible, some hard work and extra expenditure would yield a good enough name which could be resold at a very good price.
Try to find a single or two word .Coms with no spelling mistakes. Also try to buy 4 Letter and 3 Character .Coms as well. It is difficult or expensive to buy 2 Word, 3 Character and 4 Letter . Coms but two word .Coms can be easily found. Although One Word, 3 Character and 4 Letter .Coms have a inherent value and can be bought for 100+ dollar till 2000 Dollars can be a good investment both for long and short term. The two word .Com can be found at a nominal price as well depends on the conditions luck etc. The words in the domain must be either commercial or highly searched key words or be brandable like, new companies these days are requiring brandable name instead of descriptive ones.
Some Times 3 word .Coms are sold at a huge price recently i tried to buy a few domains like WorldAirWays.Com , notice this domain is three word domain but the bidding crossed 1500 Dollars.

Single word .Coms are sold at a good price sometimes too good. For example Single.Com was sold at 290,000 $ while Framer.com Sold at 250,000 $. There are really high sales and many factors are involved in it, so don't get your hopes too high for even single Word .Coms but surely getting and retaining single Word .Coms are profitable and may sometime hit the jackpot. You can view the highest hit .Coms and others at the website of DN Journal www.DNJournal.comrel=” nofollow”

So, try to find the domains which are discussed , .Com is always best investment in domaining and the safest.

Also visit www.brightdomainer.tech

Friday, 26 May 2017

Domain Flipping 7: Some good long term investments

If you are looking to invest little but a bit long term in domains something Premuim .com owners may have done very long ago then i can give some ideas and suggestions regarding long term domain name investment which might pay you well enough.

You can buy other Single and double letter domains and single highly searched keyword domains in new TLD's. Right now those may be available in little price but some day the registration of those TLD's may soar and maybe premium domains may be available courtesy new TLD owner at a good price. So you may want to hold those domains for a while

In order to have information about the number of registrants of a TLD and date of implementation , owner etc the following website would come in handy.


So try to find good 1 or 2 letter domains and single word domains and stay with it long enough.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Domain Flipping 6: DN journal for Domain sales History

To get an idea what is happening in the world of domaining, you can have a look at DN Journal. DN Journal publishes domain sales every year and keeps it updating through out the year. It covers only high end sales and every sale can be covered. Some hidden huge sales are also missed but they try to publish all the big sales.

The DN Journal not only publishes .Com sales but it categorizes the sales in .Com, other TLD's etc

Have a look at the DN Journal at www.dnjournal.com

You can see which trend is going on here and what sorts of sales have taken this year, you can also research previous years history of domain sales. All this research would be useful for you. So that's why today we are discussing about it.

For more info, keeping looking for new Domain Flipping posts everyday and check good domains at BrightDomainer.Tech 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Domain Flipping 5: The Domain AfterMarket

Let's talk about the Domain After Market today. There is a huge domain aftermarket, where there is ample opportunity for you to sell your domains. There are 100,000s of enterprises forming each year on the planet and almost every business requires an online presence. By making an online presence, a company may have the opportunity to profit multiple folds, such is the power of the web where billions not millions of people are connected all the time.

Therefore a company may try to find a domain according to their requirements on the domain aftermarket. For a business venture,company etc paying few hundred or thousand bucks would not be big cost to buy their suitable domain and making a good and powerful online presence.

Following are good sources to sell your domains,
1. Sedo
2. AfterNic
3. Flippa
4. Godaddy
5. Efty
6. Undeveloped
7. Igloo
8. 4.CN
9. Bido

The first three are one of the best sources but others are also good. So here we go we know where to find good domains from and where sell 'em , good start let's hope for the best.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Domain Flipping 4: Channels for finding valuable domains

It would certainly give you a good start at domaining if you get to know all the good channels through which you can find and buy good old domains.

For back ordering there are several services some of which include

Godaddy.com and Name.com usually do not catch very valuable domains most of the time and can catch 2 tier domains though while the others are good at catching valuable names. Except Godaddy.com and Name.com , all other services do not charge any backordering fee unless the domain is caught and is to be handed over to you.

The expiring Auction the biggest and the best in my experience is the Godaddy's expiring auction. Where 100,000s of expiring domains are auctioned.


Domain Flipping 3: How to find valuable domains


We already talked about the factors affecting the value of domains. Now we would be looking into finding those valuable domains which are somewhere out there and can be caught at a price.

Buying domains from domain flippers like me can payoff also if a domain is really valuable and the domainer is giving it away cheap at a little profit. It can be beneficial for long term. However, the best way to look for meaningful domains you need is to look at the expiring domains or deleted domains. But what is meant by expiring domains or deleted domains, i would explain it in a nutshell

Expiring Domains:

There is a yearly fee of every domain(any TLD) which is to be given to the registrar(from whom you purchase the domain from). However, if you fail to do so certain grace period is given and after that your domain would either be put in an expiring domain auction like Godaddy's expiring auction or auction at any other auction house or it may not be put in auction. Now that expiring domain is no longer the property of the previous owner , it would either be purchased by any bidder in the expiring domain auction or it would get deleted.

Deleted Domains:

Those domains which are deleted become available for purchasing again.

The major difference of buying from expiring auction and through backordering deleted domain is that the domain bought from expiring auction would retain the age of the domain that means, if a domain is bought by me in 1997 and now expired and is bought by you in the expiring domain auction, the domain would be registered continously from 97 only you would be its owner and it would still age around 20 years, all the search engines would see it as a 20 year old domain.

While if you backorder and buy a deleted domain which was originally registered in 1997 but when you buy it, it would be of age 0 and it would be registered from the day you caught the domain by backordering.

There are 100,000s of domains being expired and deleted everyday. Some are really valuable and some are totally worthless piece of crap.

So there are two ways to find good domains from the market, you can either try and find your required domain from the expiring domains auctions or you can buy deleted domains by backordering through many good backordering websites.

Many people may be looking for the same deleted domain as you are so for this we do backordering. Back ordering is simply asking a backordering website to acquire a deleting domain for you. If the website acquires it there is a little fee for that which you will be more than happy to pay usually around 30 to 90 dollars.

So what happens if one or more people back order the same domain from the same service(website), well then there will be a closed auction bidding between the back orderers and the one with highest bid will win the auction.

You can find good domains on the partner site of learnbigearnbigger.com at

For more on domain flipping stay tuned to learnbigearnbigger.com

Friday, 19 May 2017

Domain Flipping 2: Which domains to look for

Hi all future domainers!

We are heading towards increasing some handy knowledge about domaining.
Knowledge plays a vital role in getting success in any endeavor so is domaining. Domain flipping is a bit of a gamble sometimes, as the domains are not a liquid asset rather they can pay off at a rate which is uncomprehensible to any business while illiquid it is dead till sold.

In order to teach you new methods, new tools, use of those tools, sources to buy new domains, i have decided to talk about a unique and new topic of the world of domaining in every post. That means every new post will talk about a different aspect of domaining, new and interesting knowledge, it can be interactive if people means you all put your views in comments . Now those comments can be questions, views, your own experience, anything you'd like to share to all while i would love to respond to all the people and welcome you all for it.

Domain Flipping 2 talks about value of domains, which factor can effect the value of the domain. So which domains you should be looking for in order to find a good profit in the near or long term future.

Like every businessman you should look for the product(domains here) which is valuable, brandable,more liquid simply put product which people would like to buy .So to put it short i am going to enumerate some points which effects the value of a domain.

1. Short Domain
2. One Word or Two Word Domain
3. No Spelling Mistakes in Domain Name
4. .Com Domains
5. Highly Commercial Words in Domain Name
6. -(dash) in between words reduces value of a Domain
7. Only numbered .Com Domain till 5 numbers
8. Four letter .com Domain
9. Three, Two and One Character .Com Domain
10. Two Character of almost any TLD(means other than .Com Domain )
11. Premuim names in other TLD's(means other than .Com Domain )
12. Old domains especially from way back 90's

So these all factors highly effect the domain value. Each factor will increase the value of a domain. Having more points in a domain would increase the value drastically. You must try to find a domain which have more and more of these points.

I am maintaining more than 300 domains currently which i use for domain flipping, parking advertisments and website building etc.

You can find good domains on the partner site of learnbigearnbigger.com at

For more on domain flipping stay tuned to learnbigearnbigger.com

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Domain Flipping 1

Hey, everyone who reads my blogs, firstly i would like to thank you for giving out your precious time and interest in my jottings. I would like to introduce a new topic. Domain trading, casually known as domain flipping. Kindly read this blog to have some introductory knowledge about it.

Domain trading like any other trading involves buying domains from domain market and selling it to end user who requires it. There is a steady demand of domain names that are short or single words. The biggest demand and value is given to the .com domain extension as it the oldest extension. With time many extensions were introduced in the market but those extension never could compete with the .coms although due to these 100's of new extension resulted in inflation of domain names and especially reducing some value of classic .com extention.

The question is how many domain names are regestered yet and are all the good names already taken. If yes, then how could we buy cool and great domains for trading.

Actually, there are millions of domain names that are registered some very useless ones while other very valuable. As it's been decades for the .coms so the good ones are taken while the new extensions already place hefty price of the premuim names.

So how to buy good domain names, the answer is domain name after market and domain back ordering.

The after market contains domains which are being either sold by the current owners or one of the type of auction expiring domain auction is the auction where domain name has expired, the current owner has not renewed the domain and domain name is put on auction by the registrar of the domain name.

While expiring auction can get you good domain names there is another way you can buy useful domains by domain back ordering. When a domain is expired and no one buys it and it is not renewed by the owner , the domain name is put in the deletion list. That means on a specific date the domain name is going to be deleted and the name will be available to the public.
Now if this name is useful then different registrars offer backordering services where the registrar tries to catch your domain soon after its deletion. If one or more people back order a domain from a registrar while the registrar manages to catch the domain name , the registrar will put the domain name on auction among the domain backorderers.

You can find good domains on the partner site of learnbigearnbigger.com at

For more on domain flipping stay tuned to learnbigearnbigger.com

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Start Blogging : Introduction

Through blogging you can make a living or at least pay some of your bills. Yes, that's possible. Some people think it's a passive way of making money but not necessary and especially not in the begining or may be in the middle of the journey too.
 The good thing is, you get to create things, your creativity increases and comes out from the cage, you get a chance to put out your thoughts and knowledge/skills to the world, try to make the world a better place. The other good thing is you get to earn from your home.
So grab a cup of coffee when you wake up and start working there, at any of your desired timings. But to succeed here requires some efforts contrary to the popular belief, great amount of your time so is needed that you can make your blog successful and eventually earn some money from it. Many of my blogging colleagues describe their time for making a good successful blog in years not in months. But once getting success, there is good money in it and you get to a say in the social media platform.

So this was a very brief introduction, next up we'll be talking in detail regarding the endless possibilities and limits of the world of blogging and we'll also be learning to do it ourselves with non-technical expertise as well.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 14 : How to tune a guitar

A guitar have to be tuned. By tuning, we mean the notes and the pitches of the strings can be changed to match the standard. To do that, Tuning pegs located in the guitar head are used. The tuning pegs if rotated clockwise or anticlockwise direction can shift the note and pitch of the string. Before playing a guitar, it is necessary to check the tuning of the guitar and if tuning is out of order then it is necessary to tune the guitar before playing .

There are two ways you can tune a guitar,
1. Tuning the guitar using a tuner
2. Tuning Manually ( by comparing all the strings with one another)

1. Tuning the guitar using a tuner
It may sound to you that in this way, we can automatically tune the guitar through some electronics device . Actually, this is not the case. There are international standards for tuning a musical instrument.

For guitar,there is an international standard pitch which has to be used for free guitar strings.
Usually international standard is called A440, it actually refers to the frequency of 440 Hz. The 440 Hz frequency of sound plays the musical note of A with the pitch of 4th Octave in a standard Piano(for reference) .

Now , If we want our guitar to be tuned , we can use the guitar tuner.
What guitar tuner does is that it indicates which note is being played but the pitch doesn't matter(unless it is a chromatic tuner).

Following are the steps required to tune the guitar with the help of a Guitar tuner.

Step 1. Turn on the guitar tuner
Step 2. Put it either in the head of the guitar or the body.
Step 3. Pluck the last string E(Bass E) and check the tuner display.
Step 4. If the tuner displays F or above then rotate the tuning pegs clockwise.
       OR If the tuner displays D# or below then rotate the tuning pegs counter-clockwise.
Step 5. Confirm the note of the string is E from tuner display(indicated by color or meter turned to 0 etc) by plucking the string few times with interval.
Step 6. Repeat the same for all the strings.

2. Tuning Manually ( by comparing all the strings with one another) 
In order to tune manually, we must compare each string to one another .For that, we need to play the string which is going to be tuned as 'free' and the other string(at the fret with the note of free string) which is used as comparison . Both notes must match until they do keep on rotating the tuning pegs. When we tune the guitar manually, then there is no confirmation whether any note we play is actually the same note.
For example: When you play E string (bass E or the 6th string) it may play A note(as it may be tuned to the note A as you would not have any way to know that). However, the next string or the 5th string would definitely play D(instead of  A) if it's properly tuned manually. This phenomenon is called transposition. That means , as in the example everything is transposed four notes ahead. That mean's if we play A Major Chord then instead (1=A#,2=B,3=C,4=C#) we play D. We would be dealing with the topic of transpose later.

Following is the step by step guide to tune the guitar manually.
Step 1.Play the 5th fret of 6th string(Bass E)  and simultaneously and one by one, play 5th string A as free.
Step 2.Check whether both the notes are the same.
Step 3.If not then rotate the tuning peg of 5th string ( A string) , until both notes match.
Step 4 Repeat the same procedure for every string except when tuning 2nd string(B string) .
Step 5. When tuning B string, play the 4th fret of 3rd string(G String) and simultaneously play
             2nd string(B string) as free.
Step 6. Rotate the tuning peg of B string until both notes match.

So here's almost all for guitar tuning , so stay tuned for pictorial and video demonstration of guitar tuning.  

Friday, 28 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 13 : Video of guitar crawling exercise

Now , lets watch the demonstrative video and try to practice in the same way. This exercise is a bit difficult and requires practice, but as you practice more and more you'll master it .

As you see it's difficult moving two finger at the same time while leaving two fingers behind. Here's an advice which you can do in the beginning if you can not perform it, you can the take one finger and then use the other finger. You can do it one by one instead of moving two fingers simultaneously.
Try to do it , after some time I am sure you'll be able to do it.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Farming Part 1

I have selected a generic word farming that is because farming includes all types of ventures ranging from agriculture crop farming , gardening to poultry ,cow , goat and ostrich farming etc.

Farming is a way to earn good money but it also brings us close to nature. Away from all the hue and cry of the city and clanking of the machines. You know all the major scriptures talk about heaven. And men have been in pursuit of it but if you ask anyone what heaven is you'll get things like garden, fresh air, greenery , beautiful plants and animal, rivers etc. But living in this world as we have to agriculture and gardening seem pretty much close to those descriptions.

So we can earn pretty hefty , live in almost heaven like place and improve our health and longevity by choosing to do agriculture , gardening.

Let's talk one by one, let's talk about agriculture

There is a huge variety of choices for what's to be done here. There are tons of opportunities out there and huge and exciting choices to be made. You have two choices.

1. You can do conventional farming
2. Can do Organic farming

1. What is conventional farming.

Conventional is actually not so conventional  but now it has become the convention. Few centuries ago, there was no chemical fertilizers, chemical sprays etc. So anything we sown , so it was. All natural product as it is meant to be. Natural manure like dung of the cow was used as a fertilizer.

So what happened? Men became greedy that happened. Men wanted to increase the yield of the crop so much so that chemical fertilizer were used to grow and give multiplied yield of the crop, as there are preys for almost everything in this world so are for the crop and their final products like
vegetables and fruits. The preys are usually small insects having dinner long before we would try.
So this also effected the quality and yield of the crops . So chemical mildly poisonous sprays were used to kill the insects.

If you heard about Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, everything evolves to get around the circumstances and fight with them. When we sprays the insects and used chemical fertilizers, we helped the insects becoming somewhat immune to our chemical sprays. The effect of the chemical spray was somewhat decreased.

That and our needs pushed us to increase the intensity of the chemical sprays and introduce systematic sprays going deep inside the product.

The other horrors of conventional agriculture are using genetically modified seeds etc changing the genome of the crops altogether to increase the yields and earning better.

Conventional farming also includes giving dangrously concentrated( immoral )feeds and growth harmones for the animals which will be discussed in the poultry and animal farming sections.

There are other things like soil degradation which are not taken care of . Before the advent of modern times, a land was given rotation cycle so as to decrease damage and make the land irrigatable for future times.

Now , it is very clear to everyone that major cause of all the diseases come from what we eat. One of the major cause of all those diseases being created we can infer it to be due to conventional farming.

The conventional agriculture is requires lesser investments and therefore is the line of business for the majority of the agriculturists. If you choose to do that there are good revenues here for you.

My next post will discuss about Organic farming.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Online commodity trading Part 1: Basics

There are three basic commodities which are traded the most.

1. Crude Oil
2. Silver
3. Gold

The commodity trading is actually futures commodity trading. In order to understand commodity trading ,first you need to understand what is futures trading.

Futures trading is not actual trading rather it is a contract to buy something such as commodity in some future lying date. For that purpose, to do the contract it is not necessary to pay the full amount but as is the custom everywhere when a contract is done, only earnest money has to be given. This is also true for futures trading. That means when you trade something you have to pay only a percentage of the amount. Now let's say if someone wants to buy a commodity which has x price, it is a contract of december but it is being bought in october at a x/30 price. Now till December, this commodity can be kept but after December either you have to sell the contract or buy the commodity at full price.

So what happens in commodity trading?
So take the commodity trading as futures commodity trading. Only when a contract expires you have to sell this commodity. Now one of the advantages of commodity trading is that, when you buy a commodity you just have to pay very little fraction of money.Now when you buy a commodity you buy in lots. For gold there are three basic lots used those are 1 Oz,10 Oz, 100 Oz. 
Let us say for example you want to buy gold. Now when you buy a commodity you buy in lots. Let us suppose you want to buy 1 lot of 1 Oz gold. Now you know if rate of 1 Oz gold is 1300 Dollars, instead of 1300 dollars you just have to pay around 50 dollars. 
Now there is a huge chance you have to gain high with low investment. It depends on your skills. If rate of the lot reach at 1350 dollars and you sell the lot, you will literally earn 50 dollars. So you investment will be doubled. With the same skill, you can multiply your investment but there is a downside to it . You can lost big here if you play bad.

So I hope to get good feed back and questions on this, I'll be posting more posts on commodity trading , so Stay Tuned!!


Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 12 : Crawling Exersice

Now that you have seen and understood how the runner exercise is done, we would now be looking at another exercise which as the name suggests is when seen someone doing it looks as though an octopus is crawling through the some difficult test. Well let's go about it and start looking at it

Step 1. Place the four fingers on first four fret of Last string(E string) respectively as shown in the picture.

Step 2. Move Index finger and Ring finger to 5th string(A string) on the same order of frets(only string differs) while let the other fingers be where they are.

Step 3. Move Middle and Last fingers to 5th string(A string) on the same order of frets(only string differs), now all four finger have shifted to 5th string(A string).

Step 4. Repeat the same procedure with all the strings until all four fingers reach the 1st string(E string)

Step 5. Move Middle finger and last finger to 2nd string(B string) on the same order of frets(only string differs) while let the other fingers be where they are.

Step 6. Move First and Ring fingers to 2nd string(B string) on the same order of frets(only string differs), now all four finger have shifted to 2nd string(B string).

Step 7. Repeat the same procedure with all the strings until all four fingers reach the last string(E string)

Next up is video demonstrating this exercise practically.