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Monday, 22 May 2017

Domain Flipping 5: The Domain AfterMarket

Let's talk about the Domain After Market today. There is a huge domain aftermarket, where there is ample opportunity for you to sell your domains. There are 100,000s of enterprises forming each year on the planet and almost every business requires an online presence. By making an online presence, a company may have the opportunity to profit multiple folds, such is the power of the web where billions not millions of people are connected all the time.

Therefore a company may try to find a domain according to their requirements on the domain aftermarket. For a business venture,company etc paying few hundred or thousand bucks would not be big cost to buy their suitable domain and making a good and powerful online presence.

Following are good sources to sell your domains,
1. Sedo
2. AfterNic
3. Flippa
4. Godaddy
5. Efty
6. Undeveloped
7. Igloo
8. 4.CN
9. Bido

The first three are one of the best sources but others are also good. So here we go we know where to find good domains from and where sell 'em , good start let's hope for the best.