Saturday, 15 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 1

In the First Lesson, We'd talk about parts of the guitar.

The parts can be seen in the picture also.

1. Head: The top part is called the Head
2. Tuning pegs: The Pegs to tune the strings(wires like) are called tuning pegs
3. Body: The bottom hollow part of the acoustic guitar with the hole is called Body.
4. Neck: Neck is between Head and Body
5.The lines forming partitions in the neck are called Frets, Inside each segment are fingers pressed and Note of the guitar changes.
6. Strings: The wire like material which creates the actual sound of the guitar.
7. Nut: The part of the guitar which has small slits in it to pass the strings from tuning pegs to neck to keep the strings stable.
8. Bridge: The bridge is placed near the end of the body and this is where the strings ends are attached.

Stay tuned for the next lesson and Happy learning :)


Learn to play guitar : Introductory session

My previous post contained ways to earn good money which also included being a musician and composer. For you to be a composer and a musician you need to select an instrument.

The best instrument for that purpose is the guitar. Here in this blog now i will impart lessons for you to start learning guitar.

Types of Guitar:

1.Acoustic Guitar
2.Electric Guitar
3.Electro-Acoustic Guitar

To learn well you will need to start from the natural guitar i-e Acoustic guitar.
At the end of the lessons i will give out a quiz and the one who scores the most in the quiz will win a guitar!, Yes thats True, I'll give out GUITARS!

Well back to our lesson, First of all there are seven Notes of Music as given ,
The Notes are always cyclic, always the eight note is the same as the first note.
However there is a Variation of each note called Sharp as given below.
C C# D D# E F F# G G# A# B C C#
If you'd notice that the notes E and B do not have Sharp. The above picture is how guitar notes change.

Now I will explain all the workings of the basic music and guitar step by step, Just keep tracking the next lessons I ll be giving and study carefully as you can get a FREE GUITAR though!