Sunday, 11 June 2017

Domain Flipping 9: If it was 1997 today

Let's have a look what long term oppertunities you would have if it was 1998 today. At that time there was plenty of huge long term oppertunities for you, but for that you needed to have an incredible vision and foresight.
You could have tried to register a few three letter if not two letter and tried to find single letter .com's. But i say at that time buying would have been enough and if any availabe at that time would have been more than enough. So if you would have bought 20 3L.coms with a total expenditure of 2000$ till now which if you would have invested in any good investment oppertunity would yield you at least 10 to 20 K $.
So what is a worth today and how much minimum could you make for 20 3L.coms. We a is atleast worth 15k $ and recently DNJournal published a sale of for half a million dollars. So for 20 3L.coms least value would be 300k $. A is worth much more as only 960 combinations exist plus its too short and would match initials of big companies so it is worth millions of dollars.
So why are we talking about getting millionares if we can somehow go back to 199x's because we should take some lessons from there and figure out some long term little investement.

So we can think about buying some premuim single letter other TLD domains and double letter other TLD domains. We can also buy single premuim word other TLD domains. Maybe one day these become of good value while the investment amount is not too big and not too liquid also. So i would say it to be a good bargain and good gamble.

Good luck!