Sunday, 9 October 2016

Earn Money, Invest and double all methods and practices


Ever Wondered how many poor people who hardly made both ends meet now are very rich!
Actually there lie many businesses which if applied with the right methods can make your investment/money double in very short time. For that purpose firstly i will enlist many businesses which are on my list of having a probability of mushrooming your wealth.

1. Commodity Trading
2. Agriculture
3.Builder/Developer Business
4.Real Estate

Explanations and methods regarding these businesses are shared one by one.
Also are other important tips and advice which are really necessary.

1. Commodity trading

Commodity is a raw material or useful thing which can be traded. The trade of commodity was established long before the introduction of currency.

However the commodity trading which is mentioned here is not physical trade of commodity.
For this trading you must have an account of commodity trading and money in that account.
You can do all your commodity trading online through an online account.

Here's what you can do in this .
You can buy a commodity in whatever quantity you require at the price which according to you is a good price
You can sell any commodity in any number whether you have that commodity or not at a good price.

When you buy and sell or sell and buy a commodity, after completing this cycle your profit/loss is booked. One of the major advantages of commodity trading is that you have invest little and you can earn quite a lot in a quick time.

Investment = Small ; Risk = High ; Gain = Very High
I will explain the the details of this in my next blog specifically on commodity trading.

2. Agriculture

Hearing the name some people are allergic to but there is lots of money involved here if you look at it in business perspective.

Mostly if you do it well, chances are that you will be gaining above 100 % profits .
In some cases the gains can be increased to upto 500%.
but all this is for conventional cropping, for modern methods of farming like drip water irrigation and green house farming , organic farming profits far exceed those which are mentioned.

Following are the crops which are in the good profit range.
1. Sugar Cane gives above 100 % profit
2. Banana crop gives above 200% profit
3. Vegetable crops profit varies according to the yield of crop and unit rate(vary greatly in developing countries.)

Investment = Meduim ; Risk = Meduim ; Gain = High

I plan to introduce a blog specifically for those interested in agriculture. It would be a good forum for the agriculturists as well.

3.Builder/Developer Business
Investment = Very High ; Risk = Meduim ; Gain = Very High

4.Real Estate
Investment = Meduim ; Risk = Low ; Gain = Meduim

Investment = None(Time and Hard Work) ; Risk = None ; Gain = Varies from Low to Very High

Investment = None(Time and Hard Work) ; Risk = None ; Gain = Varies from Low to Very High