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Domain Flipping 4: Channels for finding valuable domains

It would certainly give you a good start at domaining if you get to know all the good channels through which you can find and buy good old domains.

For back ordering there are several services some of which include and usually do not catch very valuable domains most of the time and can catch 2 tier domains though while the others are good at catching valuable names. Except and , all other services do not charge any backordering fee unless the domain is caught and is to be handed over to you.

The expiring Auction the biggest and the best in my experience is the Godaddy's expiring auction. Where 100,000s of expiring domains are auctioned.


Domain Flipping 3: How to find valuable domains


We already talked about the factors affecting the value of domains. Now we would be looking into finding those valuable domains which are somewhere out there and can be caught at a price.

Buying domains from domain flippers like me can payoff also if a domain is really valuable and the domainer is giving it away cheap at a little profit. It can be beneficial for long term. However, the best way to look for meaningful domains you need is to look at the expiring domains or deleted domains. But what is meant by expiring domains or deleted domains, i would explain it in a nutshell

Expiring Domains:

There is a yearly fee of every domain(any TLD) which is to be given to the registrar(from whom you purchase the domain from). However, if you fail to do so certain grace period is given and after that your domain would either be put in an expiring domain auction like Godaddy's expiring auction or auction at any other auction house or it may not be put in auction. Now that expiring domain is no longer the property of the previous owner , it would either be purchased by any bidder in the expiring domain auction or it would get deleted.

Deleted Domains:

Those domains which are deleted become available for purchasing again.

The major difference of buying from expiring auction and through backordering deleted domain is that the domain bought from expiring auction would retain the age of the domain that means, if a domain is bought by me in 1997 and now expired and is bought by you in the expiring domain auction, the domain would be registered continously from 97 only you would be its owner and it would still age around 20 years, all the search engines would see it as a 20 year old domain.

While if you backorder and buy a deleted domain which was originally registered in 1997 but when you buy it, it would be of age 0 and it would be registered from the day you caught the domain by backordering.

There are 100,000s of domains being expired and deleted everyday. Some are really valuable and some are totally worthless piece of crap.

So there are two ways to find good domains from the market, you can either try and find your required domain from the expiring domains auctions or you can buy deleted domains by backordering through many good backordering websites.

Many people may be looking for the same deleted domain as you are so for this we do backordering. Back ordering is simply asking a backordering website to acquire a deleting domain for you. If the website acquires it there is a little fee for that which you will be more than happy to pay usually around 30 to 90 dollars.

So what happens if one or more people back order the same domain from the same service(website), well then there will be a closed auction bidding between the back orderers and the one with highest bid will win the auction.

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