Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Finding jobs and Earn independently

Its definitely not as easy as you would like to hunt down good suitable jobs for yourself. One of the reasons for having scarce chances of getting called for interview is that the candidate is pre-selected most of the times. Instead of giving a fair chance to all those people who apply, the selectors already short list the candidates. Now one question arise here, if the candidates are short listed already why do they advertise the jobs in Linkdin or newspapers.

 This is done to complete the formalities of HR talent acquisition where there are certain requirements for hiring and firing. The talent acquisition usually post the jobs to simply get more Resumes to simply reflect how many candidates applied for the job and then got shortlisted and finally selected. All this is done just to complete their paper work and their own job requirement.

However, sometimes companies are really trying to find a suitable candidate which they can not find in that situation if you match their expectations , you can be hired for that job. But there are ways even to find those who really need or at least giving a fair chance . In Linkdin, people usually give email addresses to apply for certain jobs or ask for people to comment on that post so that their profile be viewed.

People are also asked to click on the link of the website of the company and apply through proper channel their. The best chances that your resume will be seriously reviewed are for the last method which is mentioned. Mostly Multinational or good national companies have websites and hire through websites also.

So there are good chances if you have applied through a website of a multinational or national company and that your CV will be properly reviewed . Still most of the time, all the companies and their HR and functional head of that position to be hired try to either internally fill the position or fill the position with a candidate who has previously worked them.

But i exhort you to try and send emails to the recruiters or companies with cover letters describing about yourself and your experience in a few lines in the email( not as an attachment)

In the end, the main matter of Which companies to apply for, I'd help you out later in the next blog regarding the sites to apply for and the methods for applying to improve your chances.

You people can also ask any questions through comments sections.

Take care ! Have a nice time Job searching and finding. Adios!

Following are the platforms from where you can apply for different jobs and find different jobs

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