Thursday, 27 October 2016

Farming Part 1

I have selected a generic word farming that is because farming includes all types of ventures ranging from agriculture crop farming , gardening to poultry ,cow , goat and ostrich farming etc.

Farming is a way to earn good money but it also brings us close to nature. Away from all the hue and cry of the city and clanking of the machines. You know all the major scriptures talk about heaven. And men have been in pursuit of it but if you ask anyone what heaven is you'll get things like garden, fresh air, greenery , beautiful plants and animal, rivers etc. But living in this world as we have to agriculture and gardening seem pretty much close to those descriptions.

So we can earn pretty hefty , live in almost heaven like place and improve our health and longevity by choosing to do agriculture , gardening.

Let's talk one by one, let's talk about agriculture

There is a huge variety of choices for what's to be done here. There are tons of opportunities out there and huge and exciting choices to be made. You have two choices.

1. You can do conventional farming
2. Can do Organic farming

1. What is conventional farming.

Conventional is actually not so conventional  but now it has become the convention. Few centuries ago, there was no chemical fertilizers, chemical sprays etc. So anything we sown , so it was. All natural product as it is meant to be. Natural manure like dung of the cow was used as a fertilizer.

So what happened? Men became greedy that happened. Men wanted to increase the yield of the crop so much so that chemical fertilizer were used to grow and give multiplied yield of the crop, as there are preys for almost everything in this world so are for the crop and their final products like
vegetables and fruits. The preys are usually small insects having dinner long before we would try.
So this also effected the quality and yield of the crops . So chemical mildly poisonous sprays were used to kill the insects.

If you heard about Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, everything evolves to get around the circumstances and fight with them. When we sprays the insects and used chemical fertilizers, we helped the insects becoming somewhat immune to our chemical sprays. The effect of the chemical spray was somewhat decreased.

That and our needs pushed us to increase the intensity of the chemical sprays and introduce systematic sprays going deep inside the product.

The other horrors of conventional agriculture are using genetically modified seeds etc changing the genome of the crops altogether to increase the yields and earning better.

Conventional farming also includes giving dangrously concentrated( immoral )feeds and growth harmones for the animals which will be discussed in the poultry and animal farming sections.

There are other things like soil degradation which are not taken care of . Before the advent of modern times, a land was given rotation cycle so as to decrease damage and make the land irrigatable for future times.

Now , it is very clear to everyone that major cause of all the diseases come from what we eat. One of the major cause of all those diseases being created we can infer it to be due to conventional farming.

The conventional agriculture is requires lesser investments and therefore is the line of business for the majority of the agriculturists. If you choose to do that there are good revenues here for you.

My next post will discuss about Organic farming.