Sunday, 16 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 2

Hey guys!

Now that you guys are already familiar with the parts of the guitar lets go on and learn some more!

In this lesson we'd learn today regarding the notes of each string of a six string guitar.

If pluck a string of a guitar it will play a note, so the base is to know which note is this.
Once you know that you can play any note you want by pressing your fingers just before the frets of the guitar.

Below I am enlisting the notes of each string, from the first string which is the thin one to the last string which is the thickest one.


Guys, you have to memorize this, so that you know what note you are playing or want to play.
Stay tuned for the next session where i will give a detailed extension of these notes on the frets of the guitar.