Saturday, 27 May 2017

Domain Flipping 8: Good ol' .Coms

The .Com is the greatest ever invested upon extension with billions of Dollars invested on it over the period of more than 20 years since the inception of the internet. It is the most used and sold/bought extension and it is the most craved extension as well. The .Com values greately better than any other TLD in most cases. So to buy and invest in a .Com would be the wisest of choice. But one must find the .Com which would be required by an end user company or organization.

The .Com can be used the world over as neither there is any area restriction nor any other , it is widely known to all sundry and therefore easy to remember as well as short.

So which names to find in .Com ?
Well, first of all it is difficult to find what you want in a .Com but not impossible, some hard work and extra expenditure would yield a good enough name which could be resold at a very good price.
Try to find a single or two word .Coms with no spelling mistakes. Also try to buy 4 Letter and 3 Character .Coms as well. It is difficult or expensive to buy 2 Word, 3 Character and 4 Letter . Coms but two word .Coms can be easily found. Although One Word, 3 Character and 4 Letter .Coms have a inherent value and can be bought for 100+ dollar till 2000 Dollars can be a good investment both for long and short term. The two word .Com can be found at a nominal price as well depends on the conditions luck etc. The words in the domain must be either commercial or highly searched key words or be brandable like, new companies these days are requiring brandable name instead of descriptive ones.
Some Times 3 word .Coms are sold at a huge price recently i tried to buy a few domains like WorldAirWays.Com , notice this domain is three word domain but the bidding crossed 1500 Dollars.

Single word .Coms are sold at a good price sometimes too good. For example Single.Com was sold at 290,000 $ while Sold at 250,000 $. There are really high sales and many factors are involved in it, so don't get your hopes too high for even single Word .Coms but surely getting and retaining single Word .Coms are profitable and may sometime hit the jackpot. You can view the highest hit .Coms and others at the website of DN Journal www.DNJournal.comrel=” nofollow”

So, try to find the domains which are discussed , .Com is always best investment in domaining and the safest.

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