Friday, 19 May 2017

Domain Flipping 2: Which domains to look for

Hi all future domainers!

We are heading towards increasing some handy knowledge about domaining.
Knowledge plays a vital role in getting success in any endeavor so is domaining. Domain flipping is a bit of a gamble sometimes, as the domains are not a liquid asset rather they can pay off at a rate which is uncomprehensible to any business while illiquid it is dead till sold.

In order to teach you new methods, new tools, use of those tools, sources to buy new domains, i have decided to talk about a unique and new topic of the world of domaining in every post. That means every new post will talk about a different aspect of domaining, new and interesting knowledge, it can be interactive if people means you all put your views in comments . Now those comments can be questions, views, your own experience, anything you'd like to share to all while i would love to respond to all the people and welcome you all for it.

Domain Flipping 2 talks about value of domains, which factor can effect the value of the domain. So which domains you should be looking for in order to find a good profit in the near or long term future.

Like every businessman you should look for the product(domains here) which is valuable, brandable,more liquid simply put product which people would like to buy .So to put it short i am going to enumerate some points which effects the value of a domain.

1. Short Domain
2. One Word or Two Word Domain
3. No Spelling Mistakes in Domain Name
4. .Com Domains
5. Highly Commercial Words in Domain Name
6. -(dash) in between words reduces value of a Domain
7. Only numbered .Com Domain till 5 numbers
8. Four letter .com Domain
9. Three, Two and One Character .Com Domain
10. Two Character of almost any TLD(means other than .Com Domain )
11. Premuim names in other TLD's(means other than .Com Domain )
12. Old domains especially from way back 90's

So these all factors highly effect the domain value. Each factor will increase the value of a domain. Having more points in a domain would increase the value drastically. You must try to find a domain which have more and more of these points.

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