Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Domain Flipping 1

Hey, everyone who reads my blogs, firstly i would like to thank you for giving out your precious time and interest in my jottings. I would like to introduce a new topic. Domain trading, casually known as domain flipping. Kindly read this blog to have some introductory knowledge about it.

Domain trading like any other trading involves buying domains from domain market and selling it to end user who requires it. There is a steady demand of domain names that are short or single words. The biggest demand and value is given to the .com domain extension as it the oldest extension. With time many extensions were introduced in the market but those extension never could compete with the .coms although due to these 100's of new extension resulted in inflation of domain names and especially reducing some value of classic .com extention.

The question is how many domain names are regestered yet and are all the good names already taken. If yes, then how could we buy cool and great domains for trading.

Actually, there are millions of domain names that are registered some very useless ones while other very valuable. As it's been decades for the .coms so the good ones are taken while the new extensions already place hefty price of the premuim names.

So how to buy good domain names, the answer is domain name after market and domain back ordering.

The after market contains domains which are being either sold by the current owners or one of the type of auction expiring domain auction is the auction where domain name has expired, the current owner has not renewed the domain and domain name is put on auction by the registrar of the domain name.

While expiring auction can get you good domain names there is another way you can buy useful domains by domain back ordering. When a domain is expired and no one buys it and it is not renewed by the owner , the domain name is put in the deletion list. That means on a specific date the domain name is going to be deleted and the name will be available to the public.
Now if this name is useful then different registrars offer backordering services where the registrar tries to catch your domain soon after its deletion. If one or more people back order a domain from a registrar while the registrar manages to catch the domain name , the registrar will put the domain name on auction among the domain backorderers.

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