Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Question to Win!

Hey everyone.....

Now its time I'd distribute the guitars to the top 2 winners who give the best answers and a live portrait of the 3rd person who is the winner for your live portraits visit the following blog as they are making portraits for you on a canvas !! http://yourportraitoncanvas.blogspot.com/

I am posting the questions here and you can answer in the comments section.

1. What is strumming
2. How many total notes are there??
3. Which are the major types of chords?
4. Which wood is used to make a guitar??
5. How many frets of a guitar??
6. Speculate how to make a chord??

Happy wining :)

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 4


A guitar can have more or less than six strings but usual standard lead guitar players use six strings.
Following are the other number of strings used in guitars.

1. 4 String Guitar ( Bass Guitar used for playing bass)
2. 6 String Guitar ( Normally used)
3. 12 String Guitar( It played the same like a six string guitar but used to give shimmering effect)
4. 18 String Guitar

Now we are going to understand what a chord is and how to make a chord!

A chord is a combination of notes played together .To make you understand, I'll give you an example. If we play all the strings or some of the strings of the guitar we are possibly playing a chord.
There are some basic chords which we need to know how those are formed and played in the guitar.

There are two basic types of chords
1 . Major Chord
2. Minor Chord

All the basic chords are derived from a single note, so following are all basic chords .
All these chords have a major chord and a minor chord.

In the next lesson, You'll learn how to make a chord. Happy learning!

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 3


Now you know the basics of the music and guitar, now it will be easier for you to understand further.

The Picture shows the fret of a guitar, I have written down notes of each free string in the beg.

As you can see in the picture, The notes which are indicated are played when you press that particular fret and pluck the string from below. I hope this is easy to understand for you.                                      

Furthermore, In the next lesson You'd learn about type of guitar, and later about how to make and play a guitar chord. So keep learning! :)