Friday, 21 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 9

So here it is, Both strumming and playing chords together. As explained in the previous lessons how a chord is determined and the process of remembering it and playing it. This is practically demonstrated now in the uploaded video.

In the video , Chord C Major is played with a simple strumming.

Now, try this on your guitar!!! It's not very easy so playing a chord can't be accomplished first up rather it depends on your practice, you know what they say Practice makes perfect. This phrase is just about perfect for learning and playing guitar.

See you in the next lesson where we'd be learning up a few exercises to improve your over all base  to play the guitar well. The examples would be given with illustrations and videos and detailed account would be given there. So stay learning !!!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 8

Now that we have figured out how to get the notes of a chord and how to plot those notes in a guitar fret, Now lets try and practically do it.

We will play the same chord we plot in the guitar in the previous lesson which is C Major Chord

First place fingers on the fret step by step.
As you know, you have to place fingers on B,G and A string which are 2nd,3rd and 5th strings on the guitar

So you need to place the fingers as explained in the lesson # 7

We need to press first fret of 2nd string, second fret of 3rd string and 3rd fret of 5th string.

Step 1:
Place the index finger on the 1st fret of B(2nd) string.

Step 2:
Place the middle finger on the 2nd fret of G(3rd) string.

Step 3:
Place the ring finger on the 3rd fret of A(5th) string.

So that's about it for this lesson. Next up, I'll be talking about strumming , Also I'd uploading a video in order for you to learn better how to strum and play a chord.

Stay tuned for the next one! Adios!! .


Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 7

Now its time to give you a pictorial representation of the mapping of the chord notes on a guitar.

The filled circle represent where the finger is to be placed and the unfilled circle refers to the free string.

As you can see if you place the fingers as in the picture and strum with the other hand at the body of the guitar, you'll be playing a C Major Chord.

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 6

Plotting of the chord notes in a guitar
Let's now plot for C Major

As learnt from the example of lesson # 5,The three notes for C Major are C,E,G

Now we'll plot the chord string by string, on each string we will calculate whether the string will be played free or which fret needs to be played

1st String E : Play Free
Let's take the first string which is 'E'
As the note is one of the note from C,E,G so this string will be played free

2nd String B : 1st Fret
Lets take the second string which is 'B'
Let's take the progression
Free     1st Fret
B           C

3rd String G : Play Free
Lets take the third string which is 'G'
Let's take the progression
Again as the note is one of the note from C,E,G so this string will be played free

4th String D : 2nd Fret
Lets take the fourth string which is 'D'
Let's take the progression
Free     1st Fret    2nd Fret
D           D#              E

5th String A : 3rd Fret
Lets take the fifth string which is 'A'
Let's take the progression
Free     1st Fret    2nd Fret  3rd Fret 
A           A#              B               C

6th String E : Play Free
Let's take the 6th string which is 'E'
As the note is one of the note from C,E,G so this string will be played free

I hope this illustrates well how to plot the chord notes in a guitar . But to further clarify more details will be given in the next lesson along with pictures of the plotting. So Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 5

Now we are ready to learn how to make Chords:

As you already now know, there are two basic types of chords i.e major and minor chord.
In order to play a chord on the guitar we need to know the notes of which the chord comprises of.
To find the notes of a particular chord,there is a formula to make out notes of a chord.

The formula of the major chord is 158 and for minor chord is 148.
So how does this formula work?

Its simple. Just plot all the possible notes in a line. Start with the note of the chord.

For example 1: We need to find out the notes for C Major. As we are finding C Major we'll plot the notes from the C note.
As discussed lets plot all the notes like this C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B 
Now the formula for Major chord is 158, this means take out the 1st , 5th and 8th notes from the above line of notes.
So let's see,
                     1    2     3    4    5   6    7    8
                     C   C#   D  D#  E   F   F#  G

So we get three notes C,E,G

For example 2:
Let's find out D minor.
As it's D chord so notes train would look like this D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C C#
Now, the formula for the minor chord is 148 ,this means take out the 1st ,4th and 8th notes from the above line of notes.
So let's plot according to the formula.
                                  1    2     3    4    5     6    7     8
                                  D   D#  E    F   F#   G   G#  A

So three notes we get D,F,A.

So now we have learned how to figure out the notes of the chord. The next step is to plot those notes on the guitar.

Let's plot and play the chord in the next session.

See you around! Au-Revoir.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Question to Win!

Hey everyone.....

Now its time I'd distribute the guitars to the top 2 winners who give the best answers and a live portrait of the 3rd person who is the winner for your live portraits visit the following blog as they are making portraits for you on a canvas !!

I am posting the questions here and you can answer in the comments section.

1. What is strumming
2. How many total notes are there??
3. Which are the major types of chords?
4. Which wood is used to make a guitar??
5. How many frets of a guitar??
6. Speculate how to make a chord??

Happy wining :)

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 4


A guitar can have more or less than six strings but usual standard lead guitar players use six strings.
Following are the other number of strings used in guitars.

1. 4 String Guitar ( Bass Guitar used for playing bass)
2. 6 String Guitar ( Normally used)
3. 12 String Guitar( It played the same like a six string guitar but used to give shimmering effect)
4. 18 String Guitar

Now we are going to understand what a chord is and how to make a chord!

A chord is a combination of notes played together .To make you understand, I'll give you an example. If we play all the strings or some of the strings of the guitar we are possibly playing a chord.
There are some basic chords which we need to know how those are formed and played in the guitar.

There are two basic types of chords
1 . Major Chord
2. Minor Chord

All the basic chords are derived from a single note, so following are all basic chords .
All these chords have a major chord and a minor chord.

In the next lesson, You'll learn how to make a chord. Happy learning!

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 3


Now you know the basics of the music and guitar, now it will be easier for you to understand further.

The Picture shows the fret of a guitar, I have written down notes of each free string in the beg.

As you can see in the picture, The notes which are indicated are played when you press that particular fret and pluck the string from below. I hope this is easy to understand for you.                                      

Furthermore, In the next lesson You'd learn about type of guitar, and later about how to make and play a guitar chord. So keep learning! :)                                                                                                                                                 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 2

Hey guys!

Now that you guys are already familiar with the parts of the guitar lets go on and learn some more!

In this lesson we'd learn today regarding the notes of each string of a six string guitar.

If pluck a string of a guitar it will play a note, so the base is to know which note is this.
Once you know that you can play any note you want by pressing your fingers just before the frets of the guitar.

Below I am enlisting the notes of each string, from the first string which is the thin one to the last string which is the thickest one.


Guys, you have to memorize this, so that you know what note you are playing or want to play.
Stay tuned for the next session where i will give a detailed extension of these notes on the frets of the guitar.


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Learn to play Guitar: Lesson # 1

In the First Lesson, We'd talk about parts of the guitar.

The parts can be seen in the picture also.

1. Head: The top part is called the Head
2. Tuning pegs: The Pegs to tune the strings(wires like) are called tuning pegs
3. Body: The bottom hollow part of the acoustic guitar with the hole is called Body.
4. Neck: Neck is between Head and Body
5.The lines forming partitions in the neck are called Frets, Inside each segment are fingers pressed and Note of the guitar changes.
6. Strings: The wire like material which creates the actual sound of the guitar.
7. Nut: The part of the guitar which has small slits in it to pass the strings from tuning pegs to neck to keep the strings stable.
8. Bridge: The bridge is placed near the end of the body and this is where the strings ends are attached.

Stay tuned for the next lesson and Happy learning :)


Learn to play guitar : Introductory session

My previous post contained ways to earn good money which also included being a musician and composer. For you to be a composer and a musician you need to select an instrument.

The best instrument for that purpose is the guitar. Here in this blog now i will impart lessons for you to start learning guitar.

Types of Guitar:

1.Acoustic Guitar
2.Electric Guitar
3.Electro-Acoustic Guitar

To learn well you will need to start from the natural guitar i-e Acoustic guitar.
At the end of the lessons i will give out a quiz and the one who scores the most in the quiz will win a guitar!, Yes thats True, I'll give out GUITARS!

Well back to our lesson, First of all there are seven Notes of Music as given ,
The Notes are always cyclic, always the eight note is the same as the first note.
However there is a Variation of each note called Sharp as given below.
C C# D D# E F F# G G# A# B C C#
If you'd notice that the notes E and B do not have Sharp. The above picture is how guitar notes change.

Now I will explain all the workings of the basic music and guitar step by step, Just keep tracking the next lessons I ll be giving and study carefully as you can get a FREE GUITAR though!


Friday, 14 October 2016

Some other methods of earning


There are various other methods good enough for good earnings, see if you might be of interest of those!

1. Music Composing or Playing Musical Intruiments
2. Performing News Anchoring
3. Business of Export and Import
4. Business for whole sale of computer
5. Delivering Guest Lectures or Multi Day Training Programs


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Earn Money, Invest and double all methods and practices


Ever Wondered how many poor people who hardly made both ends meet now are very rich!
Actually there lie many businesses which if applied with the right methods can make your investment/money double in very short time. For that purpose firstly i will enlist many businesses which are on my list of having a probability of mushrooming your wealth.

1. Commodity Trading
2. Agriculture
3.Builder/Developer Business
4.Real Estate

Explanations and methods regarding these businesses are shared one by one.
Also are other important tips and advice which are really necessary.

1. Commodity trading

Commodity is a raw material or useful thing which can be traded. The trade of commodity was established long before the introduction of currency.

However the commodity trading which is mentioned here is not physical trade of commodity.
For this trading you must have an account of commodity trading and money in that account.
You can do all your commodity trading online through an online account.

Here's what you can do in this .
You can buy a commodity in whatever quantity you require at the price which according to you is a good price
You can sell any commodity in any number whether you have that commodity or not at a good price.

When you buy and sell or sell and buy a commodity, after completing this cycle your profit/loss is booked. One of the major advantages of commodity trading is that you have invest little and you can earn quite a lot in a quick time.

Investment = Small ; Risk = High ; Gain = Very High
I will explain the the details of this in my next blog specifically on commodity trading.

2. Agriculture

Hearing the name some people are allergic to but there is lots of money involved here if you look at it in business perspective.

Mostly if you do it well, chances are that you will be gaining above 100 % profits .
In some cases the gains can be increased to upto 500%.
but all this is for conventional cropping, for modern methods of farming like drip water irrigation and green house farming , organic farming profits far exceed those which are mentioned.

Following are the crops which are in the good profit range.
1. Sugar Cane gives above 100 % profit
2. Banana crop gives above 200% profit
3. Vegetable crops profit varies according to the yield of crop and unit rate(vary greatly in developing countries.)

Investment = Meduim ; Risk = Meduim ; Gain = High

I plan to introduce a blog specifically for those interested in agriculture. It would be a good forum for the agriculturists as well.

3.Builder/Developer Business
Investment = Very High ; Risk = Meduim ; Gain = Very High

4.Real Estate
Investment = Meduim ; Risk = Low ; Gain = Meduim

Investment = None(Time and Hard Work) ; Risk = None ; Gain = Varies from Low to Very High

Investment = None(Time and Hard Work) ; Risk = None ; Gain = Varies from Low to Very High

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Finding jobs and Earn independently

Its definitely not as easy as you would like to hunt down good suitable jobs for yourself. One of the reasons for having scarce chances of getting called for interview is that the candidate is pre-selected most of the times. Instead of giving a fair chance to all those people who apply, the selectors already short list the candidates. Now one question arise here, if the candidates are short listed already why do they advertise the jobs in Linkdin or newspapers.

 This is done to complete the formalities of HR talent acquisition where there are certain requirements for hiring and firing. The talent acquisition usually post the jobs to simply get more Resumes to simply reflect how many candidates applied for the job and then got shortlisted and finally selected. All this is done just to complete their paper work and their own job requirement.

However, sometimes companies are really trying to find a suitable candidate which they can not find in that situation if you match their expectations , you can be hired for that job. But there are ways even to find those who really need or at least giving a fair chance . In Linkdin, people usually give email addresses to apply for certain jobs or ask for people to comment on that post so that their profile be viewed.

People are also asked to click on the link of the website of the company and apply through proper channel their. The best chances that your resume will be seriously reviewed are for the last method which is mentioned. Mostly Multinational or good national companies have websites and hire through websites also.

So there are good chances if you have applied through a website of a multinational or national company and that your CV will be properly reviewed . Still most of the time, all the companies and their HR and functional head of that position to be hired try to either internally fill the position or fill the position with a candidate who has previously worked them.

But i exhort you to try and send emails to the recruiters or companies with cover letters describing about yourself and your experience in a few lines in the email( not as an attachment)

In the end, the main matter of Which companies to apply for, I'd help you out later in the next blog regarding the sites to apply for and the methods for applying to improve your chances.

You people can also ask any questions through comments sections.

Take care ! Have a nice time Job searching and finding. Adios!

Following are the platforms from where you can apply for different jobs and find different jobs

So how did you like it. Kindly give me some insight through your valuable feedback in the comments section.